26 May 2012

breezer goes to mexico

I had to make a quick run down to the dentista,
so figured this was the perfect time to ride the bike.

otay pedestrian bridge

The old Breezer Thunder mountain bike was stashed in the car,
but I was a little hesistant to ride down there after the 25 minute drive to the border.
The taxi is only $6 with tip each way,
and it is a little sketchy.

I flipped a coin and ...
 heads -
time to ride the bike.

After the short spin to the pedestrian crossing,
I was ready for some international adventure.

down the hill to Murua

The fun part of the ride is this hill down to Murua,
also called Gato Bronco or Wildcat,
the area of Tijuana/Otay where the dentista office is.
It's a good mile long bombing run with a little side trail.

dental impression

The reason for going was to make this dental impression.
After grinding down the 2 teeth for the crowns,
my gums were a little inflamed to make a proper impression.
I guess a 15 year cavity will do that.
It only took a couple days to heal,
so now the crowns will have the correct gaps.
Well worth the extra trip.


This shot cracks me up so I'm gonna post it again.
The bummer was,
the impression made it more obvious I have a screwed up molar.
So I'll need another friggin root canal.
Guess I'll be posting about more dentist trips!

chelada time

The bike ride to the dentista was probably as fast as the taxi.
Not so lucky with the uphill ride back.
Time for a chelada.
breezer thunder

I stuffed myself with a Bicholon Supremo (chelada with clams and shrimp)
 and some Tostihuates. (tostitos with nuts and hot sauce)
Before the beer hit me,
it was time to get going.

breezer thunder in TJ

The ride up was slow at first.
Belly was kinda full.
That's what I get for ordering the big bottle.

breezer thunder in TJ

Glad I brought this bike.
Upright handlebars and good gears helped to keep the beer in.
This was a stupid picture to take.
That field was full of those crazy tire popping weed thorns.


Little bit more.


Finally made it up the hill.


A quick stop at the local Calimax for the deals.
Of course I didn't bring a backpack.
One hand for the bike,
one hand for the bottle.

green grass in TJ?

At the border line there was a good wait.
Not too bad for a friday night.

otay border crossing

One of the bike hazards of the border crossings are the turnstiles.
If you look in the pic above its that rotating pipe walkway.
There are a bunch of them and they eat wheels if you're not careful.

more TJ bikes

Here you can see the similarities of my bike to a typical border bike.
Hi-rise bars, no shock...
The big difference is mexican bikes are usually 2 sizes too small for the rider.
This girl was on the phone 35 minutes of the 40 minutes in line.

ARCO deal
25 may 2012

This was kinda crazy.
The ARCO station by the border - gas $4.09 a gallon.

ARCO ripoff
25 may 2012

Than maybe 20 miles away the gas goes for $4.49 a gallon.
Same day, same county.
macey's treat

Here's the Calimax deal of the day.
A liter of tequila with a big blue glass mug,
and a big box of Frosted Flakes.
Since I had the bike,
I had parked a little farther away at the free parking,
instead of the $4 parking gouger lot.
So together with the taxi savings,
$4+6+6 = $14
this was all basically $8.50.

All in all it was a great experience.
I'll definitely do the bike ride again,
but probably won't take as many pictures!


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