24 May 2012

mexico vs US

There are a couple big differences between the US and Mexico,
besides everything being written or spoken in spanish.

2 teeth fitted for crowns

One is they don't believe in temporary crowns.
When I sat down,
our dentista just started grinding away at the 2 teeth.
While laying there,
I was trying to figure out how she planned on filling the holes she was making.
At the end of the day,
she just said,
okay see you next week for the coronas/crowns.
And that was that.
An American luxury.
I guess they're not really necessary!

brace face

my wife was getting braces installed.
Kinda sad as I liked her teeth.
The problem is the crookedness is creating problems that will be tough to fix.

So again the reason for doing these trips is mainly the cost.
Her braces cost $350.
Later on she'll do the bottoms, now prepaid.

mexican x-rays

The day before,
we huffed it down to the X-RAY office near the San Ysidro crossing of TJ.
There she had gotten 3 photographs and top and bottom impressions.
All for $56!

mexicana's x-rays

In San Diego,
the kids dentist wanted $300 for two x-ray photographs.
What the heck?
The only sketchy thing in comparison,
is Mexicans don't believe in the lead covering usually used in the states.
I guess the radiation isn't a worry for once in a great while instances.

frosted flakes

We got there too early,
so we snooped around the CALIMAX grocery store nearby.
It was trippy,
everything is kinda the same,
just in spanish.
when you look at the prices,
everything is about 30% cheaper.

TJ deal

It was incredible.
All this stuff (plus a water and 2 pan dulces we ate) - $24!
The LITER of tequila, good stuff too - $18.
That bottle on the right is real vanilla concentrate - $0.50
In the states,
this would have been almost $50.

What the heck?
Well we found out the x-ray techs get about $200 per week.
That means the relation of grocery prices to income is actually worse if not equal.
Now we have a plan to bring a bag or 2 of groceries back every trip.

The savings will overpay for the taxi rides!.

I guess that's why they save money on temporary crowns!

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