01 June 2012


I've been on flip mode lately,
which means finding things I'd love for about a week.

honda cb 450 chopper ad

This thing looks so bitchin.
Looks like a time machine,
but probably a new build.
Definitely a chick magnet.

honda chopper ad

This next one also caught my eye.

bsa lightning ad

Don't see too many BSA's around these parts.
If this engine was on the first bike,
it would be gone.
Funny how that works.

1971 yamaha rd-250 ad

I had one of these about 20 years ago.
Fun bike.
Small and quick.
This one "runs bery strong".
Glad it's out of my price range!

1975 honda goldwing

You may think I'm crazy,
but I've always wanted one of these.
Lose the fairing & boxes, a smaller seat...
make it look like one of those 70's motoguzzi's.
Something about a huge 1000cc engine and a 150 lb rider.
It would be a bitchin freeway hauler.

yamaha xt350

I don't know why I passed this one up.
It's the perfect town bike or armageddon vehicle.
It even kickstarts with "sandle"s on.
A great price, somebody scored.

1975 honda cb 750

This is another one that seemed like a good deal.
I actually had a texting conversation with this guy late that evening.
Later on I studied those bitchin airtech fairings.
HONDA CB 750 SOHC cafe race seat, tank, fender, full, quarter, fairing
Most likely I would have traded it for that  yamaha xs650
I wrote about a couple days ago.

The guy called the next day and I was tied up.
It sold a half hour later!
I would have offered him $1000 anyway,
if you look closely it was a beach bike so was a little salty.
Oh well.

police interceptor ad

Moving on to a 4-wheeler now,
this Police Interceptor is more conducive to my family life.
We've been putting some miles on our Grand Marquis,
and there is plenty of room for 5 of us.
There is an obvious low-performance package on it,
hence the "Grand-Ma-rquis" name.
This one seems like a deal since it hasn't been taxi'd yet,
as they usually run about $5K for a "detective" version.
Someday I'll get one.

altec santana ii's

I even passed up these old thumper Altec speakers.
These would have been fun to hear.
Not an upgrade to anything that I already have though.

So yeah I've been doing alot of hunting,
and am surprised at the control I've had in the acquisitions department.
As I stated earlier,
some of this stuff would be cool to have,
until the novelty wore off and I'd need to sell something to make up for the cost.

If you're wondering why I'm looking for junk,
it's the "burning hole in the pocket" curse.
It looks like the "chocolate & cheese" roadster has found a new owner.
There is a chunk of work to be done before it goes that you'll be seeing soon.

mallory unilite distributor SBF

One thing i did spring for was this Mallory distributor.
I keep reminding myself that besides fixing our teeth,
the green 40 coupe is a priority.
There is about $1000 retail in parts needed to do that 302/aod engine swap,
and the last thing I want is a half-finished roller.
So the more parts I've got stashed the better once the project starts.

Anyway time to get my hands dirty and get off this computer!


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