13 May 2011

spring cleaning - bye bye beemer & chinagirl

Just in time for a friday the 13th post...

Last week was a milestone.
In a moment of temporary clarity,
I craigslisted the BMW 1600/2002 car/project and now its gone.

off to greener pastures...

It had been sitting in the side lot ever since I rolled it out there,
neglected, waiting.
Like those yard dogs that seem real mean but just want to be petted.
Yeah, like that.
The 2nd guy that took a look at it picked it up.
He seems like the perfect person to adopt it.

It was fun...

After realizing it would be best to be able to actually drive it away,
I ended up ordering the replacement center link online (parts geek - cheap)
Aaron, the new owner, and I installed it relatively quickly.
He also whipped through the dreaded DMV paperwork
(that I never registered) just before the expiration,
and was able to drive it home, legally.
It all seemed so easy I had some regrets, still do.
He'll give it the attention it deserves...

I also got rid of a booze cruiser - the Chinagirl II

chinagirl II

This thing hauled butt, for a bicycle motor kit,
I just never used it, and the other one is behind it resting on the fence.
The new owner seems really stoked on it too,
getting ready for summer.

I'd love to say I made a bunch of money.
Basically if I had taken the money I paid for everything,
put it in a jar for a year,
I would have made the same amount.
that's way better than drinking it away!
I also learned alot,
its fun working on different projects.

So with fewer distractions,
the plan is to put a little into the rusty "tres huevos" 40,
-sheetmetal for the floor, a driveshaft & open shaft kit...


chief on stilts

actually start driving this.
It's been on jackstands ever since the GNRS show.
It hasn't been registered in 2 years,
and I didn't non-op it.
With that big wad of cash,
I went to the AAA/DMV, put it back on our insurance,
and paid almost $400 with all the back fees.
Throw in another C-note + for the green 40 tag while I'm at it...

However much it hurt,
the original plan was to have the beemer for the fuel saver car,
register the hot rod,
and non-op the green 40 to clean it up a bit.
I realized I'd way rather have both the 40 and the RPU registered,
since I don't really go anywhere to need to save that much gas!

By the end of next week I can get Chief dialed in,
and do a road trip!


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