06 April 2011

"La Chuya" - Panga

another panga to show you.
You guys thought I'd exhausted anything new to show you,
but no.

This is one of 4 that arrived this week.

"La Chuya"

Definitely not one of the prettier versions,
this one has had some rail modifications,
should help with a heavier load though.

this one has the same engine of the "Ultimate Panga" in my last Panga post,
however this one has a neat steering console,
making this one alot easier to control.

 coyote cockpit 

It has all the makings for a successful border run,
200 HP Yamaha, steering/throttle, compass, multiple batteries...


and most importantly a shit ton of gas!
I'm counting about 14 of these 8 gallon jugs,
which is at least 100 gallons.
That's alot of fuel for these skinny boats,
even with a 200 hp outboard.
I'd guess about 2-3 miles per gallon,
which gives it a "hauling-ass" range of 200+ miles roundtrip.
A good driver could find a cruising speed and almost double that mileage.

nice bench seats

With some quick mapwork...
You figure the take-off point from the Coronado Islands
is about 13 miles from the US border,
that should give an easy 80 mile trek up the coast.

coronado islands location

So what happened?
I'm figuring engine problems,
or that bright green paint.


So easy fixes for next time
- some subdued paint
- a kicker motor

A kicker motor is basically a small "just in case" outboard,
between 15 to 40 hp,
enough to at least move the boat.
Of course it would be a tiller steer on a custom bracket,
but definitely better than nothing.

Remember that rusty nail prop cotter pin,
from the first Panga post?
That would make a perfectly good engine useless,
like a flat tire on a car.

rusty nail

What would really be trick would be 2 60HP or 100HP outboards.
They'd get the speed of 200 HP,
with the reliability of 2 motors.
With the ability to run on one engine to save fuel or engine failure.

anyone wondering what "La Chuya" means?


Chuy is the nickname for Jesus.
Since most boats have girl names,
La Chuya is the femine version of Chuy, 
or Jesusa.


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