29 April 2011

armageddon vehicles

Everyone knows 2012 is coming up quick.
So start looking for an Armageddon Vehicle.

4x4, non-computerized, gas or diesel - your call,
just double tanks, space for all your stuff, family and friends,
supplies, trailer hitch, ram bumpers,
bulletproof panels, silicon filled tires, small armory...

armageddon vehicle
70's ford quadravan 


We had an '84 ford quadravan a couple years back.
It looked similar to this one.

80's ford quadravan

But with smaller tires, rollaway awnings on each side, rack,
 and not the extended body.
It was badass.
With a 351 windsor and a c-6 tranny getting about 8 mpg freeway,
we couldn't afford to drive it.
I sold it to a guy in palos verdes,
and as soon as he saw it, he said "my armageddon van"!
Funny as I had thought the same thing.
Oh well.

While driving around OB the other day,
I saw this thing, and was pleasantly reminded of the importance of one of these vehicles.

crazy jimmy

Holy chit talk about bad ass, even it is GM.
I'm on the hunt.



  1. Best post ever. Were getting so close I can smell the rotting flesh already. Or maybe that's the deer I ran over on my way back from santa ana.

  2. Sure it wasn't those pig ball sack tacos
    you were raving about?