10 April 2011

deal? thanks but no thanks...

Whenever I pay down my credit cards,
I get a bunch of random junk mail credit card offers.

This one takes the cake

quick click loans
- attn: sucker

These guys,
quick click loans, LLC
will loan me $3500,
with only a 96% interest rate over 3 years!

$3500 = $10,800

Using there handy chart...
-if I get $2600, I'll only have to pay them $8000 over 3 years.
-if I get $3500, I'll only have to pay them $10,800 over 3 years.


you guessed it,
the Grateful Dead have just the song for this

"don't you let that deal go down..."

Cool show in France '71,
this looks likes they're playing in someones backyard!

10 years later, but also in Europe,
and you can see the toll that cocaine and heroine can do!
Just kidding.
Still rocks a 4 minute guitar solo though.

real quick.
This is the same show and Pete Townshend stepped in for a couple songs.
Kinda fun to see how 3 very opposite guitar players try to jam,
although I think Jerry pulled Pete's guitar chord as its hard to hear!

and if you have another 10 minutes...

YouTube - Deal [Live at Gizah Sound & Light Theater, Cairo, Egypt,

This one is kinda cool.
1978, they're playing in Egypt,
in front of the Sphinx.


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