27 April 2011

how to - quick patch panel repair - 40 coupe

It took me an hour to get jump started after work yesterday.
Actually it took me an hour,
a mexican bottled coke,
and this '76 GD show.

Grateful Dead Live at Community War Memorial Auditorium on 1976-09-27 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

This is a good show to work to as well.
I only listened to the second set (15-21)
and was able to get all this work done.
The "franklin's tower" at the end is a 17 minute ripper.


After seeing the array of pictures,
looked like a "how to" was in order.

This rusty 1940 ford coupe is the perfect project to practice on.

rusty, misaligned, missing

The other side was easy, just simple strip.
This side seemed alot tougher.
If you look closely,
the door reveal is about 1/2" higher than the cowl reveal.
The stainless door trim is also dropped that same 1/2" on the cowl.

So start by cutting it all out.

uh oh

Now get all the tools and some sheetmetal scrap prepared.

e-z patch panel kit

Other than some tin-snips,
this is about all you need.
90% of my hammering is done with that hammer.
It's a PROTO hammer with a polished soft dome head on one side,
and a bar like head on the other side.
It's extra long and is bitchin.
I don't let anyone else use it.

Now make a cardboard template and make your patch panel.

patch panel installed.

Tack in a couple places to fit right,
and weld it in.
Prewar FORD steel loves to be welded,
even when it looks rusty.

shiny patch panel

There's still some hammering and weld filing to do,
but now its almost better than the rest of the car.
And at least the reveal line somewhat matches.

Way to shiny though.
So let's go to the paint cabinet.


Bet you guys wondered whats in here.

surprise - huffer cabinet

Not to much left really.
But that middle shelf has the rust tones we need.

proper patina base

Layer the primer grey, the black, a splash of metallic burgundy,
with a rustoleum bronze cover.
I didn't have time to wait for it to dry,
but after some scrubbing it will blend right in with the rust.

A year of seeing that gaping hole,
an hour and a half  of work is all it took.
Only about 35 more of these patch panels left!

Some patch panels I like to make a wood form for.
Usually there's not much hammering on the wood,
its more of a guide to fit on the bench.

top cap for distributor house

I still need to finish the outside edges,
but at least the main part is wrapped up.

At this rate,
the cowl/body should be strong and complete enough to figure out the doors.
The hinges are just temporary weld-in hinges,
I used them just to figure out the pivot points.


if you get stuck or have a hard time starting up,
stream this show. loud.
I'll even send you a CD if you write me!

ripped picture
of mexican coke

Oh yeah,
don't forget the mexican coke too.
Good chit.