13 April 2011

funkadelic friday - cosmic slop

You ever want to watch a gaggle of black guys and one token white guy on acid?
Running around New York?

Oh well.

Funkadelic in their early hey day...

Fortunately its to the backdrop of a crazy cool song!
They had some good tunes back then.
At one time I had almost every funkadelic/parliament album.
Crazy chit.

Undercover Black Man: Interviews
(this kinda backs up the acid reference, kinda)

Parliament was the predecessor to Funkadelic,
the same core group of guys basically.

This is a fun song but for sure isn't typical of their sound.

Weird thing is,
it was written by a white girl - Ruth Copeland.
The words make more sense when heard from that context!

Good times back then!

Yeah I know it isn't friday but whose counting.


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  1. I take it that you were digging thru The Beastie Boys web blog? I saw that video the other day and was about to re-post it on Facebook......but, I couldn't do it with the "brothers" running around with the "cod pieces"......haha. It is a funky song and I jammed to them the other night via YouTube.