21 April 2011

tres huevos - home sweet temporary home -

Get that german car outta here...

bmw 1600/2002 - night moves

It took some coaxing,
like leading a donkey with a carrot on a string.
But it finally left to the outside under its own power.

1968 bmw 1600/2002 outside

For now it's still crippled as I reinstalled the old spent center-link not too tight,
and still needs some basic engine tuning, burn out the old gas etc.

multicolored bmw

There's a certain patina to it,
 like it was rebuilt inbetween rally stages on the european circuit.
That rear bumper was started about 1130pm, and looks it!

need more lights

I am happy as other than the $60+ center-link, and some spray paint,
there was no real money involved,
just stuff that I had stashed away - and time!
The car is really solid, just needs some wiring and small stuff,
like insurance,
and I think it will be a decent town-car.

1940 ford coupe - stools back!

The byproduct of the BMW leaving was the 40 entering.
I have some other obligations,
but it will get its time.


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