04 April 2011

how to - rebuild brake calipers

Sometimes it is dangerous to answer phone calls or texts from certain people.
A good friend, Matt, is one of those people.

matt at bevmo

This photo has a little story - real quick.
A new BEVMO store opened up a mile or so from the house.
One night on the way to the shop,
I decided to drop by.
This was the night I got the bottle of "Old Grand Dad".
perichbrothers (and sister): chief and old grand-dad - double whammy sweet spot
I hadn't seen Matt in months,
but who did I run in to at Bevmo at 9pm on a Sunday - Matt.


where was I.

Oh yeah,
so I got a text from him the other day,
"replacing front brakes..."
Oh chit. should I answer?

So he brings a couple dirty frozen brake calipers to the house,
and his kids,
with some rebuild kits and a box of rubber gloves.
"just need your vice!"
"for an hour or so"
-that was the warning.-
"I've never rebuilt these, have you?"
That was the other warning.

Since the wife was working and I had the kids,
we had to do the work at the house,
with my limited tool selection.

yeehaw - white lightning

After diagnosing the situation,
it seemed a couple shots were in order.
Of all things to start the job with.
Holy Chit.

Needless to say,
rebuilding these (pictureless) calipers wasn't as easy as the rubber block ring and dust seal looked.
2 out of the 4 pistons slid out relatively quick,
one was stuck good,
the other was stuck real good.

caveman engineering

Everyone knows when something is stuck,
bring in the fire.
At the shop,
there's a half dozen torches - oxy/acetylene, mapp gas, propane.
At the house. Hmm.

So what else to do but fill that thing with some lamp oil/gas
and some rag bits and create some heat.

what not to do

Always make sure there are no flammables around your fire.

While this story looks like it should end in catastrophe,
somehow it worked.
The superstuck piston freed up.
6 hour job, no problem...

Now that we're experts at rebuilding calipers off a 70's mercedes benz,
not sure if I'm gonna answer Matt's texts next time!


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