20 April 2011

R.I.P. - Papa

Today marks the 4th year of the death of my grandfather,
the "Perich" in perichbrothers!

Stanley "Papa" Perich

When he was younger,
he rose up to be a Chief in the Navy.
During WWII and the Korean war,
he was one of the guys on the aircraft carriers
that put the wrecked planes back up in the air.
(aviation structural mechanic, I believe)


Must have been intense doing the sheetmetal etc.  fixes on these planes during the wars.
Wonder if its a little in my blood too!

I'll have to take some pics of these little ships he helped build during his last working years.
They were exact 4 to 8 foot miniatures of ships used for radar exercises.

sneaky sailor

He had tons of stories hopping trains and living on onions and potatoes as a kid,
during the depression.
Then joining the "CC's" or Civilian Conservation Corps, planting trees and building roads,
working for $5 a month ( his parents were sent the other $25!)

Typical of teenagers back then,
he enlisted in the Navy with a false birthdate, too young.
WWII helped out with that.

nana and papa

I'll have to get the exact story later,
but somehow he married the town hottie  ;) from his hometown in Minnesota,
dragged her to San Diego, and never left.
Fortunately for us, Nana's still around.

He always said he hated the cold!
As a kid,
he'd have to trek out in the snow to the food locker,
and dig out the sauerkraut and blood sausage that got them through the winter.

nana, papa & macey

When I grew up,
he wasn't the hard-ass that my Dad and Uncle Steve knew!

pop's truck - 1957 chevy

Many  years cruising around with him in this old pickup.
As a kid, we'd go fix the widow's and church friends house problems,
plumbing, carpentry, general handyman stuff, dump runs...
I'll be getting the truck back on the road soon!

papa and jake

Although we lived in Ventura 200 miles away,
I am glad we had our 3 kids early enough so he knew his great-grandchildren.
One of the main reasons we moved back to SD after he died,
as it helped me realize the importance of family,
although it is farther away from my wife's family.

I'm gonna end this post though with a pic of Papa and his brother Joe
during communion.

stan and joe

Remember this was a financially tough time,
but being a very catholic family,
they really looked sharp in their suits.

Than seeing this snapshot in time,
4 generations later.

jaxon & jakob

We miss you Papa!


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