22 April 2011

hurtlocker truck - stripper time

Remember this thing?
56 chevy truck

still peckin away at it.
We're at the bodywork stage,
patch panels and dents.
This thing is so caked with paint, 5 or 6 colors,
it was tough to know how to tackle the sheetmetal problems.
Didn't think Ken wanted to strip off the paint with scouring pads or chemical stripper...

So with the help of some chainfalls...
chainfall fun

last night the body was pulled off and all the pieces gathered up...
chevy in a chevy

to load onto my brothers truck the next day.
This little flatbed has hauled alot of stuff.

loaded TJ style

Some day he'll get some heavy duty springs!
We figured one trip there,
but definitely 2+ trips coming back.
el dorado sandblasting
(619) 696-0700

We take alot of stuff here.
Actually my brother does with the boat business.
I have a '27 roadster body that was blasted and epoxy primed,
and had never seen the stamping stretch marks in the steel.

The Hurtlocker Truck will be stripped and coated with black epoxy primer.
I'm sure it will uncover a ton of bodywork,
without the 5 coats of paint and bondo!

while we're talking about strippers.
suicide girl on the left
perichbrothers (and sister) link over on the right
the right!

Just want to say thanks to the HateFuckers out east.
Crazy bunch these guys.

Hate Fuckers

There's a link on their site,
and I get alot of hits from it.
I laugh sometimes cause my blog gets so, well, dry, in comparison!



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