18 April 2011

motorvation - ford coupe nose part I

Last week I had something called an epiphany.
I'll talk about it later on though.

Basically though I think I've gotten some project priorities straight.
Or I thought I did until my cousin drove his '36 5-window down.

brandon and tanya's 1936 ford coupe

They're going to take the car up to Viva Las Vegas,
so wanted to fix it up a little.
Good photo opp too.

three ford coupes

Kinda like a mini family car show.

ford coupe back sides

It would look even cooler just haulin ass on the freeway,
but this will do.

So somehow I got roped in to making a little mini hood.


I had made one for our green '40 a couple years back.

40 coupe nose

For some reason I thought it took only one day but I was definitely wrong.

installed coupe nose

So anyway,
like I don't have an overload of projects already.

startin it up

Fortunately Brandon knows how to do simple mechanical stuff.
So while I tackled this,
he threw some parts on the BMW,
but I'll show that in a different post.


By the 2nd night,
I've gotten about this far.

2 nights - holy chit

I was questioning my sanity last night.

almost finished

Kind of a gamble since the car wasn't here,
but it should fit ok.
Tonight or tomorrow he should bring the coupe down,
so we can finish it off.

Stay tuned.



  1. hey i need help with this crossword puzzle. what's a four letter word that is the same as dice. hmmmm toughy.