04 April 2011

Red Ram - dodge truck rocket launcher

I was reading internet news about Libya,
and had to rip off this picture.

Libyan Rebels

This picture is so surreal looking.
Six Libyan rebels, a dodge truck modified with a rocket launcher,
open expanse of desert, flying rocket.

In a way the photo looks photoshopped.
The rocket launcher is alot more subdued looking than the rest of the shot.
It probably is real though,
as there is a real looking dust cloud from the rocket.

so wide open expanse of desert,
you can kinda see the horizon out there.
What the hell are these guys shooting at?
Isn't there supposed to be some kind of equation/training for aiming these things?
I can't tell who is in charge of the aim,
maybe the guy praying with the freakishly long fingers?

if you've read my "panga promised land" posts,
I'm also a big believer in camouflage.

Somehow these guys scored this truck/rocket launcher package,
and don't see that it is, well,

They are alone,
in a huge sea of tan sand and brown bushes,
in a RED dodge truck with a frigging rocket launcher.

target practice

If there's a tank over there that they are shooting at,
or even another bright red dodge rocket launcher truck,
good luck.

Thanks Altaf Qadri for taking this picture.

Crazy times.


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