09 April 2013

how to make a shoe shredder

A couple weeks ago Jakob picked up a new skateboard deck.

This was a swap meet special,
and the guy had some plain black grip tape.
Jakob installing grip tape

Jakob's a hands on kid,
and instead of putting his laundry away,
decided to put the board together in the living room.

I tried not to watch too closely
as he trimmed the tape with a razor blade.
No blood!

Like the boss he is,
the skateboard came out perfect.
Jakob Perich

I couldn't resist recycling the grip tape scraps for a much needed project.

Last time I had a long drive in the hot rod,
the most uncomfortable part was my feet sliding on the slick floor.
It took more energy holding my heels in those 2 shiny spots there,
and dang it if that wore me out!
I had imagined attaching some wood or metal strips to that area,
something to hold my feet in position.
stepping stones

Hmm - perfect use for the leftover grip tape scraps!
After some quick trimming,
the river rock look was formed.
Way more comfortable to drive now,
but there is a huge drawback.
Jakob - skate rat

This is some sharp gritty grip tape.
Over the past few weeks,
Jakob's been relentlessly practicing the basic Ollie.
holey chit - worn supra's

These Supra's were new for Christmas,
and still had tread before this new deck.
That new grip tape is a shoe shredder!

After driving the pickup around,
alot of the edge of my shoe had turned to white powder too!
That's what I get doing it the easy way.


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