17 April 2013

labor of love

Okay so I'll admit that I post pictures that I've ripped off the internet,
but very rarely do I post pictures of projects that I've got nothing to do with.
1932 ford 3-window - ran when parked

Last week I found one of the most amazing transformations,
and it is well, amazing.

rear support

Looking through the pictures,
I can relate to how much work this involved.
Is this some weird Italian thing?
metal finished

The thing is his finish work is way beyond mine,
for a personal project anyway.

So the story goes,
the body was found in Washington,
and was shipped out to Italy a couple years ago.
1932 3-window for sale - cheap - needs work

In America most guys would buy patch panels to fix all that distortion.

Over there it seems like he hand hammered most of this.
Mr Nuvolari must have one huge arm!
metal finished II

I would be happy to keep it metal finished just like this!
paint prep

If you've got some time here's a detailed build log...
Hot Rods 32 Ford 3 windows ex hypotetical deuce - THE H.A.M.B.

And you'll notice on the sidebar a new blog link...
Nuvolari Garage
It's crazy the guy is even folding his own 32 grille bars!
Cool stuff!



  1. that first picture reminds me of thatg uys' house we picked that rusty burnt baja rpu up from. Still have any of those pictures?

  2. Yeah but the big difference here is that this guy refinished his,
    and I chickened out and traded mine away!
    Good times...