08 April 2013

how to save $100

This weekend I had been consciously procrastinating
one of my least favorite household problems.
getting ready

The garbage disposal had taken a dump.
Something was jammed in there.
After pushing the button the safety breaker would pop.
What can we expect from a 2 year warranty,
when we've been down here almost 5 years now.
Especially since we're trying to train the kids how to wash dishes.
Who knows what's going down that drain.
slop grinder operating room

There was a point this morning
when the drain pipes had already been removed,
allowing the sweet smelling 2 day old soup water to drain out.
I was ready to take the machine out and really dig out the blockage.
Heck I even researched the cost of a new machine!
We try not to bother our landlord until the chit hits the fan,
which hasn't happened yet!
quick garbage disposal fix.

Well after spending some time fighting some rusty bolts,
and undoing some wiring,
I figured maybe I should search the internet for some instructions.
Lo and behold...
What have we here,
the magic tickle spot that allows an allen wrench
to simply spin the insides manually.
A couple rough turns,
and poof...
Works like a charm!
This must be the easy money for plumbers.
How many people have replaced there slop grinder for no reason?
Let's see how long this lasts!


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