05 April 2013

night riders

The SD critical mass bike ride is every 4th friday night,
and it had been a long time since we made it out.
Our excuses range from rain, sickness or road trips.
It was about time to get our bootays in gear.
Jakob Perich - stoker

The last time the tandem had been ridden,
Jakob couldn't reach the modified pedals!
This resulted in a huge disinterest in him wanting to go,
as he was an uncomfortable trooper his last critical mass.
campagnolo pedal modification

Fortunately he had grown just enough to tip toe the pedal.
Time to rally the troops for the ride!
perich brothers - rodriguez tandem

We're lucky to live close enough to the Balboa Park starting area,
the fountain next to the science museum.
We can ride the bikes there in about 45 minutes.
As usual we rushed to get away from the house at the 40 minute mark!
Unfortunately Jaxon's cruiser was plagued with problems,
the greasy chain kept slipping off,
and we barely made it a couple miles out.
Fortunately we brought a wrench to fix it,
however the start time had passed.
Jaxon & Jakob - night riders

The night was perfect for a bike ride,
so we ended up cruising downtown,
with the hopes of catching up to the pack,
or more the pack catching up with us.
There's something refreshing about a night time bike ride.
petco park bridge

We meandered through a packed downtown,
and checked out the new bridge near Petco Park.
This was our first time crossing the bridge,
and I'd have to say it was a little sketchy at night,
as there's a homeless encampment at the base!
I guess that's the redevelopment trap,
even with millions of dollars spent on a huge landmark.
petco park bridge metalwork

From far away the bridge has the typical trendy San Diego style.
They always gamble on a design that tries to predict the future,
with the huge risk of becoming dated all too quickly.
Whatever the case this thing was built to last.
The stainless steel metalwork was amazing.
each of these uprights were made of a dozen CNC'd pieces,
with a ton of man hours in welding and finish work.
It was a lucky accident to be able to finally see this up close.

As you can tell we were seriously lollygagging.
The bridge had a good view of the Harbor Drive area,
where the riders would possibly coagulate,
but there was no sign.
We ended up riding way off the beaten path,
checking out the waterfront on the other side of the convention center,
following through to the Seaport Village tourist area,
another place we rarely frequent.
san diego critical mass 2013

By now we were prepared to cruise home in our solitude,
and wouldn't you know it we plopped right into the front of the pack.
The timing couldn't have been any better it was surreal.
san diego critical mass - airport

I'll admit it was exciting to go from a family cruise,
to a pack of a couple hundred bike riders.
We plowed through the airport,
and turned off from the group only a few blocks from the house.
The best part is now we can't wait for the next month!


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