23 April 2013

hand lathe

If I had foretold the turn of events of the past year or so,
I probably would have kept a couple more shop tools.
most likely I'd end up doing certain things the hard way any way.
whittling tools

The big 40 projects must seem like they are on the back burners,
and they are other than some behind the scenes parts scrounging.
The other day while cleaning up
I happened to find the scrap of black plastic that had been evading me.
What better reason to dust the cobwebs off the green 40.

In no time a sloppy steering column bushing was whittled out.
No problem the second one came out almost too perfect.
Amazing what can be done with simple tools and time.
weld u-joint

That bushing was the key to wrapping up the steering.
Instead of going street rod with a splined or double D shaft,
this build is old school with a welded u-joint.
In a stroke of genius,
I actually remembered to slide the bushing on before welding this up!
(there's a lock ring on the other side)
I've learned my lesson using the flare tool and not putting on the nut first!
crude but effective

The column was also trimmed a tiny bit,
and this was the almost final outcome.
I'll probably put a small set screw through the bushing and column tube,
so it doesn't slide out.
Now that I look at this picture,
maybe it will be easier to hammer the tube a bit to tighten it up.

Whatever the case,
at least now I can steer the car instead of forcing the wheels by hand!
Talk about a pain!


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