15 April 2013

vintage stealth

Something happened this year,
and I'm in big-time scrounger mode.
This past friday I hit the SD swap meet early morning,
and picked up these little gems.
1972 - pioneer cs-05

When I first saw these I took a look,
gave them a double take,
and gave them a pass.
As you can see the wood was a little rough.
beater pioneer cs-05 speakers

After my quick walk through all the aisles came up empty handed,
I went back and set a deal for these crazy things.
If you haven't read the picture titles yet,
you're wondering why I would want a matched pair of beat up end tables.
pioneer cs-05 cut away diagram

Oddly enough these are some stealth 1972 era speakers!
They're called omni-directional,
as each has an early version of a subwoofer,
with the downward pointing 10" woofer,
in addition to THREE tweeters,
positioned evenly around the column.
The next model up (cs-06) also has 3 midrange speakers.

I've seen these on craigslist and accidental research online,
and wondered why anyone would want speakers for style not sound quality.
another change I've gone through is my listening style.
My old ways were 80% cranking -  20% background.
Now it is about 25% cranking - 40% ez listening - 35% background
Yeah times have changed!
These were on the fine line of being too cheap not to test out.

I snuck them into the house and of course the wife was like WTF!
We don't need random end tables!
Even with the almost perfect lattice-work all she saw were the scratched tops.
Fortunately this resto-oil stuff was left in the garage,
I think the landlord used it to freshen up the floors.
fresh -pioneer  cs-05 omnidirectional speakers

That resto-stain freshened up that old wood in minutes.
After a good dry in the sun,
the residue was buffed out,
and Holey Moley they actually looked presentable for 40 years old.
Now I want to use it on all my beat up JBL's and Klipsch speakers!
stylish not quite kabuki speakers

I had jumped the gun and did the clean-up before listening to them.
My expectations were very low,
as I've had old kabuki speakers that looked cool but sounded tinny.
These blew me away!
These aren't the "in your face" monitors like the JBL 4311's.
They've got an ambient "where is the clean music coming from" sound.
Even the wife was impressed,
so much that they may become fixtures in the living room!


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