03 April 2013

chunky hill bomber #1

While one kid is focused on gardening chores,
another is focused on riding his creative flow.
Jakob Perich on Chunky
Jaxon Perich on yard duty

With the realization that a skateboard is a plank of wood,
Jakob has been designing his boards morning and night.
Jakob's skateboard template

Like cars and bikes,
there is a continuing satisfaction with skateboards.
Instead of finishing a project and having it sit on a shelf,
a board can be ridden around,
allowing new design ideas to sprout.
Jakob and the grinder

He's been getting more comfortable with the power tools-
jig saw, drill and now even the grinder basics.

jakob shaping skateboard

I guess if there's one thing I can teach them,
it's building stuff from the scrap we have collected!
Jakob mounting skateboard trucks

If you look closely you'll see that dang tire stool.
perich brothers (and sister): stool time xii
They use those things all the time!
Jakob with "Chunky" the skateboard - version 1a

I have a feeling this is just the beginning!
This board was a little short,
and there was no tail do a basic tic-tac turn.
However it was a great carver with those wide wings.
Hopefully that piece of plywood will keep him busy this spring break!


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