04 April 2013

work boots or ballet shoes

Most of us with traditional hot rods are trapped using bias-ply tires.
It's one of those vain things that we do for looks,
as in reality I'm sure the driving would be much more fun with radials.
Chief - 1929 ford roadster pickup with hallock windshield

For the past 10+ years Chief has worn through 2 pairs of hard to find
Firestone 6.00x16LT tires that I had scored from a friend for $50.
Sadly they are starting to show their age.
Firestone 6/00x16LT bias ply tire

These should last longer with the amount of miles I've driven,
but they are original and the rubber compound is really soft.
I've had a hard time finding a replacement set.
Coker only makes the more common passenger car size.
Macey learning how to rattlecan

While digging through my junk pile I found a pair of tires,
the ones originally on the old 40.
These are off-brand Nankang 6.00x16 tires,
and while they're a little cracky the tread is decent.
nankang 6.00x16 bias ply tire

Here you can see the size difference between the two.
The LT tires are huge in comparison,
closer to a 6.50 than a 6.00.
They are also almost 5 pounds heavier!
6.00LT vs 6.00 bias ply tires

I'll stash the old Firestones for "show" use.
If anyone has some of these let me know!
Macey changing tires

With Macey's help the smaller wheels were painted to match,
then swapped on.
She literally grabbed the lug nuts and ratchet out of my hands!

chief with ballet shoes

Later that night we went for a test drive around town,
and there was a much lighter feel.
Way easier to turn too.
After so many years with the big front tires,

it looks like Chief is wearing ballet shoes or dress loafers they're so small!
Guess I'm used to the work boot look on this old truck.


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