25 April 2013

juggling the queue

It was supposed to rain last night,
so the boys and I figured this was the perfect time to wheel out old rusty.
1940 ford coupe - chopped and channeled

It's been 8 months,
and I've pigeonholed most projects that could be done on the side spot.
Maybe pigeonholed is not the right word but it sounded good!
barn find 1940 ford coupe

The car had been on jackstands,
so the tires weren't squared up and sunk in the dirt.
Still the kids and I couldn't push it out with our massive strength.
No problem,
there was just enough room to pull it out with the van.
holey chit

Wouldn't you know it,
I ended up wedging the van too close to the neighbors garage.
Guess we could have pushed the coupe back in and adjusted the van,
but that would have been too easy.
Instead we pivoted it around with the jack.
No problem.
1940 ford coupes

It's not ideal as the garage is packed with junk on one side,
but at least I can reach the welder to the unfinished gaps,
and get the body finished up,
including pie cutting the hood.
I forgot this somehow ended up being a taildragger!

The secondary reason was to get Chief off the street.
The poor thing was stuck in the elements for a week now.

Of course it didn't rain!



  1. Thanks Wise Guys!
    It looks better in the little pictures!
    I need to do alot of work.
    There are still many rough spots.