02 April 2013

grass hog

I thought it was an April Fool's joke when Jaxon asked if he could try weed wacking.
It seems like I had been waiting for this moment all my life.
Too good to be true?
perich brothers & sister

We pulled out the trusty electric weedwacker.
This thing had been a workhorse for the past 5 years now,
scrounged up from Papa's Shed.
I'd see it out in the rain and think - well there goes that machine,
but it's just kept on spinning.

The plastic was so deteriorated that the little razor string cutter had broke off,
about 4 years ago actually.
I can't believe the piece was still floating around.
We finally did a quick rivet repair as I was used to not having it,
but Jaxon was not used to this fine piece of equipment yet.
Jaxon's weekend

Weedwacking is something best learned from experience,
and it didn't take him too long to get the hang of it.
He had enough greenage to practice with.
repair fail

Our little repair lasted about 5 minutes!
I had lost track of time after I figured he wasn't going to hurt himself,
and after a couple hours the little machine over heated.
The motor was so hot the plastic had melted around it.
RT 112 weed eater

This was a common sight.
I think this was taken apart at least 5 times.
The burnt armature was sanded down,
and if you look closely,
a couple bolts were put in to keep the motor from spinning around!
neighbors weeds

In a way we are lucky,
as we are just poor renters,
and our landlord doesn't seem to care about yard maintenance.
In that way he's lucky,
as we try to at least keep the weeds down to a minimum,
especially those dandelions.
I'm not sure why I've got such a thing against those plants.
As a kid it was fun to watch those seeds fly all over...
dandelion bugs

Those dang things spread like,
well they spread like weeds!
Both our neighbors have seed farms in there yards.
So much that I'll send the kids out to pick them before they blow away,
into our yard!
cheap chit

It seemed like April Fools day with all our equipment failure.
Even the push-broom had issues!
The weedwacker quietly gave up the ghost about halfway through the yard.
quick fix

Broom fix - Couple screws - no problem.
Weedwacker fix - Craigslist ad!
I found out these are actually called "string trimmers",
and we scored a cheap replacement for $30!
And it worked!
Thanks craigslist guy!
Jaxon's new toy - grass hog

We'll see how long this new machine lasts.
He's about 2/3 done with the yard so far,
and with spring break here it's a perfect way to get video game credits!


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