22 April 2013

macey's wiggly tooth

This is Macey.
My mom just pulled out my tooth!
Macey and Jakob Perich

My tooth was loose forever.
I let my Dad try to pull it a bunch of times but he was too chicken.
My Uncle Steve said he would put a string on it.
Macey's loose tooth

Since my Dad wouldn't pull it out,
I couldn't eat anything too crunchy.
Well I did eat some hard stuff but only on the other side.
My Dad said he would chew up the food first but that is gross.
Macey's dangling tooth

So I wanted to play games on my Mom's phone,
but Jaxon and Jakob were teasing me cause of my tooth.
My Mom said I would get a treat if she could pull it out.
She pulled out Jakob's teeth
but not Jaxon's cause he likes to pull his own out.
She got a paper towel and pulled it out.
I cried a little bit but not that much.
The end!


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