11 April 2013

viva mexico

We just got back from a long awaited trip to our TJ dentista.
Not bad timing too,
the round trip from our house took 3.5 hours.
peatones a Mexico

Since it had been a while,
we actually left earlier than usual,
so we weren't rushing to get across.
Gave me more time to take some boring pictures!
otay border crossing

On the walk across the bridge,
I must have felt for my passport and cash a dozen times.
The gates are a bit intimidating,
they are the doors to another country.
That's what happens when a couple months go by.
Next time I told the wife we're riding the tandem!
Yeah right...
taxi to gato bronco

Once across everything was back to normal.
It's that comfort in familiarity.
This poor taxi had absolutely no shocks and ball joints left!
TJ Dentista

Again nothing had changed to the storefront.
Not like it should it's only been a couple months.
This time only the wife had her orthodontic adjustment.
I just went as a bodyguard.
muffler shop

There was so much traffic,
the taxi driver took us on the scenic route back to the border.
I tried to get some good pics but my cell phone sucks for that.
There was some serious yard art going on at this muffler shop.
I'll try to get a better pic next time it was crazy.
OTAY border crossing

The last time or second to the last time we went was around christmas.
We were stuck at the pedestrian line at about this point.
It took over 2 hours!
Walking over is a gamble as sometimes there is no wait.
This time it took about half an hour.

Of all things this metal rail was so interesting to me.
Over time the two coats of paint had worn through long ago.

The welder had smoothed out the welds,

and the bare steel had been hand rubbed by thousands of hands.

Yeah it must have been a slow line!
bacardi stock

Forgot to mention but we did restock our rum supply!


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