12 March 2013

stool time xii

Here's a little confirmation that some of the best times
come totally by accident.
Macey's tire chair

Over the weekend,
I tried to clean up the yard a little bit,
and also save $10 by cutting some tires off these old rims.
macey's tire project

Tip - this wasn't quite the money saver I expected.

The first tire was stuck on the rim,
which made it really easy to cut,
but oh man the ring that was left over was a mess.

The second tire was loose on the rim,
which made it a little harder to cut,
but was easier to get at the steel cables along the edge.
cutting tire

What happened next was quite unexpected.
Since the first tire had no frayed wire cables,
the leftover pieces were about as fun to a kid
as a big old cardboard box,
which is really fun.

I messed up and didn't take as many pictures as I should have,
and maybe we'll re-enact some of them later.
Like this one...
macey's rocking chair

Ultimately they ended up rivaling the old stool.
After playing with the tires all day...
...wind block, shoot-em-up defense, rocking chair...
the kids had cleaned them up pretty good.
Fortunately they were wearing black.
jakob & macey - tire stool time

So yeah there goes trying to clean up the yard!


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