03 June 2012

one for the team

After that last blog post I realized it was time to get my a$$ in gear.

ford guillotine

Okay maybe my kids a$$es!

grease monkey - jakob

Jakob did such a slam dunk job on the 27,
this was a cake walk.

grease monkeys

Jaxon whipped off the intake bolts,
and Jake found the lower tranny/engine bolts.


Finally it was time to pull the old flathead.

jaxon distributor tech

Jaxon realized it was a bit more work than the models.
perich brothers garage

Somehow we scooted the engine over to the 27 with the trusty A-frame.
bare feet

It doesn't look like it in the picture,
but it was getting late,
for a school night anyway.
We had just enough time to snuggle the engine into the roadster.
heart transplant

With the kids help,
a bunch more was accomplished than I thought.
sad 40 coupe

Bummer to sacrifice the running capacity of the once trusty 40,
but when things settle down it will get all it deserves.

Thanks for the help,
my little Grease Monkeys!



  1. That is awesome! Very inspirational Travis. Lucky kids, curious to see what you guys will be making in the future. way way future!

  2. Hey Sloppy if you start now,
    in 10 years you'll have you're own little army!