24 June 2012

june bug sunday

Sundays have been set aside for the green 40.
While there are many other things I should do,
I can't afford to let it stagnate into a long term project.
We haven't come up with a proper nickname,
but it looks like a June Bug.
june bug

Last week I mentioned it was time to swap rear ends.
The old banjo could be used with an open-shaft kit,
but that $250 got an arguably stronger 8" with better gearing,
and the extra will go to modifying the driveshaft .
1940 ford coupe

My gamble was hoping the '68 mustang rearend would fit.
I had measured and remeasured but don't trust numbers as much as the real thing.
1968 ford mustang 

And a parting shot of the stock rear end setup.
stock 1940 ford rear end


Jimi Hendrix - live stockholm 1969
Wow what a great video.
I've seen snippets of concerts,
but this one is uncut goodness.
Cool to see them tweak the stacks.
dropped rear

The rear end dropped out so fast,
it actually is taking longer to write this post.
test fit

The 8 inch was rolled under and it looked like the perfect fit.
Depending on the rear tires,
there could be an inch to spare on each side.
A definite relief.
Now I'll have to mock up the new wishbones and make some bracketos.

More to come.



  1. Eeahhh! Its coming along quickly. Get it ready for the Barona show.