14 June 2012

stool time - xxiii

To the long time readers,
stool time lives.
stool time 

Today it served as a work bench.
Not sure why it was just more comfortable working crouched down.
shortened motor mounts

After testing the now raised & angled motor mount bases,
found out they were too long.
Later that night cut them down 1/4" on each side...
tortured motor mounts

...then moved the holes in a 1/2" or so.
You can see how far off my guessing was
by the lines going through the big holes.
Came home too late to fit them in again.
I hope they work.
Tomorrow is another day.
stool time

Since the stool was out,
decided to primer the fresh metal on the removed drivers door.
more stool time

Figured it was a good time to take off the other door too.
not stool time

Than the hinges got a good squirt of primer.
Tomorrow the doors can go back on,
and I won't have to think about the new metal matching the old rusty metal.

Also was fiddlin' with these bumper guards for the hurtlocker truck.
Stool only makes a cameo here.

To be continued...


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