15 June 2012

choo choo

Ken came back from his deployment and had scrounged up tons of stuff for the old truck.
This was the coolest and probably least important thing to do,
but we both wanted to see it on there!
mocked up bumper guard

This bumper guard came off a 50's Nash,
so it had to be refit to the truck bumper.
50's Nash bumper guard

Of course both sides of the bumper were different.

Thanks to FLAKEKINGS FRIDAY for the help eyeballing the perfect bumper shape.
FLAKEKINGS: eyecandy
mounting brackets

The original had the studs mounted on welded plates,
which held the bumper on.
The bolts on the truck are angled,
so it was easier to bolt it from the inside out.
The brackets were than welded to the bumper guards.
Yes it was a pain in the a$$.
hurtlocker truck
1955 chevy pickup

It is a love or hate thing I'm sure,
but I like it alot.
Gives it a GMC look,
kinda like a train.

Mystery Train  - Garcia & Saunders - July 10, 1973

Best song to go 16 miles in 11 minutes.
Solid driving tune!
Hurtlocker Truck

Good to have Ken back!



  1. Well there you have it, proof that Friday Eyecandy isn't just for the pleasure of drooling old men or nerds without girlfriends!
    Studying female shapes really improves vehicle builds. It's purely a research thing. Right? Right!

  2. You bet!
    The more I appreciate proportions and curves,
    the better I am at building vehicles!
    Some of your pics are making me a drooling almost old man...
    Thanks FlakeKings!