04 June 2012

sinking ship

I've got a confession to make.
You all know I'm a Craigslist addict.
Before that there was the Recycler (paper) and also Ebay.

You guys never hear me talking about Ebay though,
and that's cause I was basically kicked off almost 3 years ago,
 before I started this blog.

There was a period of time when I went on an Ebay rampage,
basically trading junk for junk.
There wasn't really any money made,
it was just upgrading or refining the collections,
 or finishing projects I already had.
Getting rid of the square pegs in my round holes.

Admittedly I wasn't the best ebayer.
Some purchases I screwed up,
and some sent packages I also screwed up.
Most were solved with simple emails.

Countless times I had some rare pieces on auction,
there would be a bidding war,
jacking up the price,
and than the guy would flake out.

Back than you could leave negative feedback.

I left alot of negative feedback!
Sometimes it would backfire and get thrown back though.

A couple other times,

I sold some hard to find bike parts paid through paypal,
shipped them out,
and the buyer(s) would cancel/refund the payment,
right before the month grace period ended.
Basically stealing the item.
Oh that sucked,
I am remembering the anger now...

Anyway I got screwed a couple times,
and made some enemies.
They were sneakier than me though,
and all of a sudden I had 3 complaints and got kicked off.
At the time it was a bummer,
mainly cause I got unjustifiably outsmarted,
(person who files the first complaint always wins)
and also cause I was out well over a couple hundred bucks and some junk.

It took a while but I adjusted,
and it seemed like there was a bunch more time in the day.
That's probably about the time I started this blog!

A couple times I tried to resolve the situation to get my account reinstated,
but that meant writing to the dickheads,
and they would fill out an email stating everything was ok,
and that wasn't going to happen.

So I basically forgot about Ebay.

This past month I've been trying to downsize a bit,
and realized that Ebay was helpful in getting rid of hard to sell stuff.
So I signed in to my account and *surprise* it was reinstated!
Somehow I had missed the email almost 5 months ago.


The past 3 years have brought some changes.
There are alot more "buy it now" long term transactions.
Also there's no more negative feedback!

It's been a week and I have yet to bid on anything or post anything.
Actually not really even looking other than to price check certain items.

The main thing for me to remember is use the registered or confirmation when sending items,
and try to document as much as possible through pictures or paper.
It would be nice to only accept Postal Money Orders (pmo's),
but Paypal is too closely linked with Ebay.

Anyway I'm gonna try not to jump in too fast.
Count me in with the rest of the sheep.


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