18 June 2012

fathers day 2012

I had all kinds of plans for Father's Day.
Why they didn't pan out I'm not quite sure.
Still was a fun day hanging out with the kiddies.
trusty A-frame

One thing on my list was mounting those motor mounts.
I thought it would be a quick 4-holes and voila.

ford 302 motor mounts

Here you can see the positioning of the block in relation to the flathead.
That big hole with the 3 little holes around it is the flathead water pump mount.
Basically the front of both engine blocks is lined up right behind that hole.
Luckily the oil filter screws in perfectly but I didn't get a picture.

302 motor mount

This is what took so long.
I thought the motor mounts were symmetrical,
so had positioned them the same on each side.
After struggling with lining up the engine longer than I care to mention,
it was time for a chelada break and some measurements.
Well of course the passenger side is about 3/4" forward,
problem solved.

5.0 exhaust manifold

The stock Lincoln exhaust headers even fit on the passenger side.
The drivers side will fit after a little modification around the column,
but I've got some changes to do on that side first.
Yeah those headers are a little ugly,
but I like the design,
as the runners are short and go to that big pipe quickly.

302 tucked into 40 ford coupe

With the engine block setting as forward as possible,
the firewall is clear of the valve covers.
The engine is set a little high in the back as the transmission isn't attached yet,
so the firewall hack job could still be justified.
ford in a ford

Now that the engine is set up,
it seems like the next step would be figuring out the tranny mount,
but that isn't the case.
1940 ford coupe

The original torque tube is in the way,
which means the rearend should get swapped out first.

At this rate I should have it done next year.


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