23 June 2012

no limit

Not much has been easy bolt-on stuff with Ken's Hurtlocker truck.
His heart was set on a forward hinging hood,
and I had an idea to use some junkyard car hood hinges,
cause I'm a scrounge.
hurtlocker truck

Ken found a bolt-on kit from No Limit Engineering,
and other than the fact that the front end valance part had to be modified a bit
cause the front fender area is all welded up,
this was one of the smoother projects.
(other than needing get some shims in to line up the hood better)
no limit engineering hood hinge kit

The design seemed well thought out.
I'm not a big fan of square tubing,
but there is a reason to use it.
Cheap, light and stiff.
hurtlocker truck - 55 chevy

So here's the hood shut.
It took a while for me to figure out how it opened up.
flip hood

The hood uses the stock front latch,
and is pulled forward like this.

Then the hood flips up like this.
It is crazy!


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