17 June 2012

liar's club - little helpers

What can you see in this pile of scrap?
Let's play "Liar's Club" and see how long it takes to figure it out.

After about an hour I had most of the essential parts.
It may have been 2.
Very tedious.
liar's club

Each one had 5 individual pieces,
for a total of 65 parts.
Sure 13 were the eye bolts,
but even they had to be trimmed to make hooks.
christmas ornaments?

A little bit later the pieces were assembled,
and they were stashed away for safe keeping.
Figure out what they are yet?

In the meantime,
Ken had been working on the hurtlocker truck seats,
and we also finished off the old grand dad bottle.
Time for a new one!
empty old grand dad bottle

I will spend a c-note buying some old speakers or stereo equipment,
but I am too cheap to buy these things at 4 for $30 or so.
The fact that I will spend a couple hours building them justifies my other addictions.
sheet metal clamp in action

If you haven't guessed it they are sheet metal clamps.
I ripped off the idea from many others,
and modified the design to fit my materials.
These should have been made a long time ago.

Stay tuned for the project(s) they are needed for,
it's gonna be a fun one.


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