24 June 2012


Yesterday I had a couple hours before the wife went to work.
Sometimes I'll waste that time but yesterday I had a mission.

These subrails were cut out of some scrap square tubing.
Yes that slice in the corner was closed up you'll see.
holey chit

This was one of the gaps I've been wanting to close.
First that subrail part was needed to have something to connect to,
and I've been procrastinating on it far too long.
subrail installed

It looks like an easy install but there were a couple glitches,
the pitfalls of hi-tech equipment.
easy access

The space was so tight,
that I used the tail light holes and the fuel filler holes as view ports for welding.
The problem with that is the sensors on the auto-darkening helmet are blocked.
stool time

So yes there is always a reason to have the trusty passive welding helmet.
It was funny cause I'd weld,
than wait for the lens to lighten.
patch panel

I came back to the shop later on with the kids,
and whipped out some templates for that space.
That bead roller makes everything so easy.
stool time

Now it sucks cause I hammered a reveal in those first patches.
Is it worth changing them to match?
Not right now.
inner fender well patch

With this section done,
there's only 2 holes in the front part of the fenderwell,
and the rear area.

So close...


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