08 June 2012


I've shied away from working on the rusty 40 recently.
Just too much stuff going on that seemed like priorities.
Today/night I needed to work on it,
such a good way to clear my head.


The goal was to button up the existing panels.
They were haphazardly tacked in and that was about it.
Now they are more or less stitch welded in.
Later on I'll do that seam sealant trick to fill in the gaps,
like on a new car.


I also made a lip for the tranny hump,
using some pre-bent 1x1 sheetmetal.
It really helped to stiffen the floor up.


This was the catalyst for the work.
A new kit of that magic epoxy primer I love so much,
only this time in a red oxide tint.
I get this paint from my Dad,
and the dark grey I usually use isn't available.
The red is kinda cool for a change.
It matches this website now.


The bare sheet metal had begun to flash rust in spots,
so some protection was needed.
I couldn't even wait to make the last panels around the rear wheelwells.
It's gooped on there nice and thick with the roller.
Hopefully I mixed it well enough to cure.

grinding table

There was just enough left over for the grinding table,
which will be used outside in a couple months.

I kinda forgot what it was like to work til midnight!

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