16 June 2012


You remember my welding helmet dilemma a couple months back?

perich brothers (and sister): jackson vs miller vs speedglas (vii)

perich brothers (and sister): KC cheerleader

I ended up getting the Jackson W60 auto darkening helmet.
After 2 months I love it.
It has an unbelievably fast switch time,
and the controls are so obvious and easy to use.
The brownish tint is super clear for both TIG, MIG and ARC welding.
The helmet itself fits well in tight spaces.
The "torch" mode works really well with the oxy-acetylene cutting.
It's a great tool.

One issue is working outside.
The sun will trigger the sensors so the screen stays dark.
Not that big a deal as this can be adjusted with the sensitivity button.

The other issue is with the helmet design.

Jackson W60 welding helmet

I've got a habit of removing the helmet,
than placing it face down on the table or floor.
Since the clear protective shield is flush with the helmet frame,
any debris ends up scratching up the clear lens.
modified jackson welding helmet

The solution was simple.
A couple nubs bolted onto the frame.
All that may have been needed were some round-head bolts,
but I figured the more clearance the better.

simple solution

Yeah it may be a hack fix,
now the welding helmet is perfect!

Get one!


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