12 June 2012

don't need no stinkin templates

Now that the 302/5.0 is sitting in the 40,
some motor mounts can finally be whittled out.
Yes I want to start calling it a 289 or a 302 to pretend like it's an older engine,
so don't tell anyone.
ford 302 motor mounts

Usually I'll make some cardboard templates,
but this time I went straight for the 5/16" steel plate.
Of course they were a little off.
mock up SBF motor mounts

So the next day I whittled them down a little bit,
and made the bottom part of the mount,
again without making any cardboard templates.
Fortunately I made them at a bit of an angle,
cause there was a rivet on the top of the frame rail.
Now they are upside down from how I had planned,
but it looks like it was planned that way.

SBF motor mounts

Here you can see why the rubber biscuit is positioned more forward.
There is just enough room for the oil filter and the steering box.

Yeah these pics were before the engine was centered up.
Probably why my measurements were a little sketchy.

The bummer is the engine is a little too low with these mounts as is.
Right now there is a 3/4" wood block as a spacer,
but it needs another 1/2".
Nothings easy.

More later.


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