02 August 2013


The hardest part of chopping a top isn't the metalwork,
it's figuring out all the glass.
Each piece is custom,
and I'm realizing its a slow process.
wack-a-mole aka Jakob

With the help of mole man Jakob,
cardboard templates were cut for each hole...
stool time

...then transferred to some cheap MDF.
window templates

I found a great online supplier of different window seals.
Hopefully this link will work but if not search Rock Auto Parts.
This was the biggest concern with the window installation,
as the original 1940 ford window is pre-molded to the shape.
In addition the front window is modified with the center strip.
One night I found the rubber moulding on ebay,
then cross referenced the Fairchild manufacturer
and they had the cheapest deal.
Hey it's worth the $20 savings!
perfect chopped window rubber moulding

There are a ton of different sizes,
and this had the smallest dimensions.
chopped 1940 ford coupe

Well I'm finding out this is a hassle.
It's not a quick evening project that's for sure.
My templates were way to big.
I think there needs to be mores slop to fit the rubber seal.
chopped 1939/1940 ford rear windows

No problem really,
as I also found out the insides of the window frames need a ton of work.
I'll probably use the scrap plexiglass I've got for the rear windows,
like I did for the green 40,
and pretend to change it out later on.



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