04 August 2013


I've got a Cinderella complex when it comes to projects.
I'm best with a deadline,
better when it is someone elses.
perich families 1940 ford coupes

Last week I realized the green (june bug) 1940 ford
was super close to being a driver.
The STD list is rather short on projects,
and moderate on dinero.
STD list

As you have seen over the past couple months,
I've been more into this bodywork phase on the once rusty 40.
The idea was to get as much dusty work done outside,
and then swap spots.
The plan was to have the green 40 driveable by now,
and obviously that fell a little short.
That doesn't change my imaginary deadline.
It was time to shake things up a bit,
and the kids and I pulled the old switcheroo.
perich brothers & sister

What you see here is 190 pounds of pure power.
We're a finely tuned machine.
I do the yelling,
Jaxon does the pushing,
Jakob is the driver,
Macey is the all important tire block girl.
a normal day

There's just enough slope in the alley to make this fun.
Especially when there's no brakes.
At least they steer.
unchopped vs chopped 1940 ford coupes

Side by side the differences are obvious.
I've been looking at the chopped 40 for so long,
the stock windshield looks like the CARS movie.
I'm really surprised how low the front of the green coupe is.
It'll look even lower with the bumper.
I'll be saving up for a dropped axle for the brown one.
chopped vs unchopped 1940 ford coupes

Big difference in the back.
The rusty 40 looks a foot shorter!
ford alley

There were some close calls with the fences.
We pulled it off without a scratch,
on the cars or the kids.
Thanks guys still owe you some popsicles!
operating table

How nice to idle the engine without fuming up the garage!
Now it's crunch time.
Ok crunch time isn't for another couple weeks really.
I'm shooting for the Ventura Nationals show at the end of the month.
Stay tuned!


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