09 August 2013

foot feed

A couple evenings thrash completed a major hurdle.
The gas pedal and firewall are finally buttoned up.

The gas pedal used was a modified spoon pedal.
Blackboard friends dubbed it the gyna-spoon™.
That mini-spoon acts as a decelerator pedal,
forcing it down to a really low idle.
original Gyna-Spoon™ gas pedal

The problem was the carburetor control was on the wrong side.
I imagined dissecting the pieces and reconfiguring them.
mock up

There was no easy way to reattach everything without heating the spring,
which would most likely convert it into an unsprung coiled wire.
What would a moonshiner do back in the day?
stool time

The solution was simple.
Cut the ball-stick off and weld it to the other side.
The old remnant still useable for the spring return.
Gyna-Spoon II™ - modified foot feed

Meanwhile the last remaining seams and holes were welded up.
This would have been much easier without the seat installed,
and even easier without the engine and transmission in the way.
I lost count of how many times I had to squeeze in and out of that spot,
sharpening the tungsten, clamping, new weld rod, wire brush...
holding breath for fresh air...

My hackiness kicked in with the finish work.
The neighbors had a new baby,
and it's tricky to schedule a good time to do loud grinding.
I ended up wirewheeling the old paint off,
and only grinding the big bumps.
The engine side was also only lightly dressed up.
No access for any tools other than a hand file.
Some white rattlecan and it looked like an old gas weld job,
even matching some 60's repairs on the floor.
child labor

Now time for the secret weapon.
Macey squeezed in to attach all the nuts and washers.
All I need to do is teach her how to weld!
Macey the Mechanic

I've amassed a good collection of linkage pieces,
and this one was the perfect donor.
I liked the ends as they don't stretch like the early fords do.
carburetor linkage

A quick precision extension was welded in place...

... and everything fit just as it should.
With the old floorboards trimmed around the transmission,
this was becoming a real car.
foot feed

Now time to start it up.
Oh holey chit not this again.
The night before I had moved the battery into the rear space,
and reattached all the cables,
or so I thought.
I was ready to replace ground straps or the solenoid,
when I noticed the starter cable wasn't connected.
Oh yeah.
Can't blame my 34 watt bulb as it wasn't even dark!
starter solenoid

For the first time the engine could start and be controlled
in the drivers seat.
No more sitting in the car making vroom vroom noises!


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