01 August 2013

smile factory

Do you guys remember this stuff?
This is what my mom and aunts got for us
when we had to wait in the car.
This was back when you could have kids wait in the car!
super elastic bubble plastic aka b'loonies

The kids and I had done a quick swap meet run,
and this stuff stopped us in our tracks.
It had been years,
I thought this stuff was banned for kids!
Jakob - bubble maker

Cracking the tube,
who can resist that familiar smell...

A little dab on the straw and ...


 A magic plastic bubble...

...and most importantly,
the smile.
Nothing makes smiles like bubbles.
macey - bubble maker

Let's see if it works here...
smile factory


And now for the true test...Jaxon...

But it looks like he sucked in instead.
Oh well it's all about the smiles right!?
good times

I've found out this stuff is polyvinyl acetate and acetone.
What a great combo for kids!
No wonder other companies took over production,
cheap and easy to make.
If the bubbles are left to dry,
they turn into hard plastic balls.
Jakob - bubble master

Jakob won hands down.
Check out this monster bubble!

Good times...


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