29 August 2013

murdered out

Yesterday Jakob finally finished (one of) his summer projects.
Jakob Perich - 2013

You'd think it wouldn't be hard to do a murdered out paint job.
He did take it all apart and smoothed out the old yellow.
Not the kid-like spray black over everything.

He did call in the professional rattlecanner.

What form!
A Sherwin-Williams flat black was used,
one of the better finishes and really strong paint.
Now let's slap it all back together right?
not shiny

Well there's always something.
This was an older complete REDLINE BMX bike
and they used a proprietary Big Block crank set.
Redline Big Block cranks and pedals

When he took it apart,
all the ball bearings fell out.
I figured the bearing cage had disintegrated.
Good thing he kept everything,
as these vintage cranks take a special hard to find bottom bracket.
It's much larger than your typical schwinn style one-piece cranks.

After weeks of no luck at the local bike shops,
we ended up reinstalling the cageless ball bearings.
Wow what a PITA!
Grease and a couple magnets definitely helped out.

Jakob's murdered out Redline BMX bike

Definitely proud of Jakob for pushing through and completing his project.
It's really dialed in compared to before.
He was so stoked to take the first ride.
Jakob - 2013

Now both kids will be ready for the first week of school.
They each have 2 or 3 bike to choose from.
No excuses having flats or broken chains...


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