19 August 2013

drive bye's

It's always good to see how passed on car projects are doing.
Hiding in the back alley,
this is more of a destination spot.
Aaron did a drive by in the old beemer,
baddest 1968 bmw 1600/2002

Not too many changes from last year when he did the rattlecan revamp,
wheel cutouts and new fat wheels.
Other than wiring up the extra pair of headlights,
he had also installed a stiffener bracket/battery box.
It doesn't seem like the strut/shock mounts would flex that much,
but this is a common thing to do.
This was on my STD list if I'd have kept it,
only a custom aluminum bracket not a mail order deal.
bmw 2002 rear strut reinforcement/battery mount

Mechanically this was untouched since it left my hands.
We spent some time going through the simple VW-like mechanics,
and had it running way smoother with a couple adjustments.
1968 bmw 1600/2002 hot rod

Another old project also passed through Hot Rod Alley.
Tim's RPU had held up after 2 years as his son's high school commuter.
hot rod alley - ford 1929 roadster pickup + 1940 coupe

What a neat memory of driving a banger powered hot rod to school.
The engine held up,
but I guess the banjo rearend center section had cracked.
Hopefully this will be a fun side project next month.
1929 ford model a roadster pickup

I thought there was an old post of some of the metal repair on it,
oh well.
This was a perfect chance to check out his rear tires.
I've been trying to find a bias-ply looking radial,
and these 215/85r16 truck tires had a cool skinny look.
I'd consider these for the rusty 40 rears if it goes radial,
as they are a step up in size to the 6.50's that are on there now,
but half the price.
215/85R16 hot rod tire

Tim's a master at building hot rods on a budget,
so it's good to pick his brain on mechanical things.
He also is a ford flathead nut,
and one of the 5 people that I was hesitant  to tell about the SBF swap in the 40 coupe.
If anyone's knows the masochism that goes with flathead travel,
he totally understood our need for a simple no frills driver.
Since I did masquerade it as a 60's style build,
luckily got his stamp of approval!


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