21 August 2013

hoe hoe hoe your boat...

It's always good to have friends with toys,
and its even better when they have friends with toys.
hoe hoe hoe your boat...

I was in the midst of an engine/tranny swap,
and it had come to the point of heavy lifting.
One option was to dismantle everything and remove it piece by piece.
Another option was to trailer the boat to a place with a hoist or crane,
and another option was to build a temporary A-frame.
The best option was call a friend with a mini backhoe!

It took longer to wait for the trailer rig to show up than to do the work.
We found it easier to do the job by removing the hoe part of the excavator.
Dig the custom weld job on the side there.

I'm not used to guys drinking beer and working at 11am.
But if that is what it takes to have a steady control hand,
who am I to complain,
especially when I'm the one wearing flip-flops!

Now I want one of these!
The neighbors would love this thing stored in the front yard.
big orange

Later on I may show some of the install pics.
To make it easier,
I brought my portable workshop.
Amazing what can get done with swap meet tools!
perich brothers portable workshop

The owner was happy to have the work done in his driveway,
regardless of all the noise and commotion.
Nice as the kids were able to hang out too.
Jakob met a new friend,
this really cool French Bulldog.
Jakob and the French Bulldog - 2013

These crazy pups are an anomoly to any living creature.
They can't reproduce without artificial insemination,
and they can't give birth without cesarean section.

Kind of like what humans are turning into!
Good way to create a job market I guess...



  1. Puppies of Dogs. The K9 Project. Crazy, never knew that about those dogs. Children of men!

  2. No shit,
    it's just a matter of time!
    The dog was bitchin though,
    a little bundle of energy,
    like a windup toy.
    Then it would pass out.