30 August 2013

copy cat

Here's a throwback "Liar's Club" post.
Let's see how many pictures it takes to figure it out.

First off what was needed was a template.
Man I've gotten a ton of use out of that little bandsaw!

Well this should give it away by now.
I needed this as the owner wouldn't give up the real thing!

This design is basically a ripoff of an existing style.
They never made one to fit this model.
double template

Armed with a series of templates,
the design was layed out on aluminum plates.

Here's the ugly stage.
This was considered the prototype,
so the design was more of a copy of the little original.

Aluminum is really easy to file,
and in no time the pieces were cleaned up.
Who needs a stinkin mill!?

Holes were mapped out,
and the hardware from the original was recycled.

Can't forget the PERICH stamping.
Now it was time to wait to see if this would fit the real thing.
custom aluminum guard

If you haven't figured it out yet,
here's the finished product.
razr maxx aluminum guard

A simple aluminum guard or bumper for a droid type phone.
Razr Maxx aluminum bumper

A friend Aaron loves this phone,
and his wife had the aluminum guard for her Iphone.
Motorola Razr Maxx aluminum bumper

We were lucky that the phone fit almost perfectly.
The sides of the phone are wedged,
not squared like the iphone,
so there was a bit of concern that it would hold without slipping.
RIP - Richard Vandemark - AZ

Aaron liked the design,
and didn't mind the beater finish,
so looks like this is going into full-time duty.
Fun to do little project like this!


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