19 August 2013

grease monkey weekend

What's more fun then ripping into a decently running truck!
I guess we can make a list of things, huh!?
heart transplant - ford f100 -  fe 360

After a good degreasing,
it was finally time to walk the walk.
This is a pre-smog engine,
and relatively straight forward attachments.
crusty alternator

Do you ever wonder how a newly assembled hot rod won't run,
but a dirty petrified looking engine seems to run forever?
This was the case here.
It had been a long while since this had any attention.
The timing was off about 20 degrees,
there was no tranny fluid on the dipstick,
and every wire was rusted together.
It took a couple short evenings to get down to the long block.
ford FE 360

This engine is super wide,
but there was just enough room for my scrawny body.
grease monkey

A couple greasy hard to reach bolts,
and it was time to call in the troops.
perich brothers - grease monkey

The owner was smart enough to be busy that day!
No problem the kids know how to have a good time.
Macey and Jaxon - perich grease monkeys - 2013

My barefoot helper Jaxon took over,
while I handled the camera,
Jakob scooted around,
and Macey kept up the cute level.
jaxon & jakob perich - 2013

Actually both boys really helped out.
They now know there way around the tool box,
thanks to me yelling at them for sockets and box-end wrenches!
That is really the most tiring part,
Crawling down there,
then getting up to get a tool,
over and over and over.
Thanks guys!
stool time - Jaxon & greasy ford fe 360

By the evening we were able to take most of the engine apart,
and get it on the engine stand.
So far looks like a cleaning and gasket swap will do the trick,
with a new oil pump and timing chain,
but let's not jinx the project too soon!
holey chit

Now if I can get this thing fixed up before I forget how it goes together!


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