11 August 2013


Nothing like waking up at 5 in the morning to a series of explosions.
Some kids decided to use our alley as a base for their fireworks display.
Hard not to get jolted out of bed.
Weird how there was a couple seconds when my brain was deciphering the situation.
At first I was thinking exploding gas cans, some weird alley shootout,
maybe the green 40 was getting pulled off the jack stands...
Pow Bam - 500 grams of power

A look out the window and it was obviously just a box of fireworks,
coincidentally lit near our garage.
Nothing else was disturbed so not worth chasing after the culprits.
Why they would want to pop these off in a tight alley,
instead of a nice open street was curious.
You'd figure it would be fun to be able to view the light show.
Pow Bam fireworks

For a minute I thought maybe it was one of the kids pack of friends.
That would be something fun to do to a buddy, right?
Too bad neither of the boys woke up to enjoy it.

I found a way to get back to sleep,
and wow what a buzz the neighborhood had when I woke up!
Good times....


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